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Our history

The oldest and most original area of Valpolicella, known as Classica, where our winery and vineyards are located, is characterized by a series of parallel valleys that traverse the southern edges of the Lessinia plateau. Thanks to the protection provided by the mountains and the mitigating action of the nearby Lake Garda, this area benefits from a mild climate, particularly favorable to grape cultivation.

The wines we offer come from the heart of the most classic Valpolicella and exude the scents of hills, cypress trees, and cherry blossoms. They have the colors of memory, traditions, and the culture of our territory.

The Squarano estate is located in the heart of the Classic Valpolicella on a hill surrounded by cypresses. Here the Marchesi Fumanelli started producing grapes and prestigious wines since 1470 on the ancient remains of a roman installation. Many are the inscriptions and artifacts in the estate among which a vestige from a temple dedicated to the goddess Flora. It is also probable that one of the estates of King Berengario in the X century was located on the summit of the Squarano hill.
In 1998 the ancient remains of the cellars after a meticulous restoration started storing again oak barrels for the aging of Classic wines of Valpolicella.